Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Crafts

When searching for pom pom garland (I'm obsessed) I came across Alicia Paulson's flickr. Oozing charm and crafty goodness, I was instantly drawn in. Her Christmas set is absolutely delightful and full of inspiring ideas.

Frenchie and adorable.

Gumdrop wreath, need I say more?

Graham cracker house. Note the marshmallow snow man.

Finally, the pom pom garland with a side of beautiful cookies.

She also makes clothes pin dolls. Here are my favorites named after two of my favorites:

Mary Alice


© copyright homemade grits


*plum*tree*studio* said...

the dolls are adorable!! i was just telling my dad about dolls like these!! oh and that gumdrop wreath...that wouldn't last long if it was in my house...hehe. yum!

Christy Harrison said...

O yes!
I just ran across her blog the other day and saw that wreath hanging in her adorable cottage! i was also, immediately in love! too cute.

Anonymous said...

These make Christmas craft ideas for next year. I'm keeping these in my list.