Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Today I've been pouring over my puter looking for wonderful recipes to razzle dazzle my friends and family. I'm combining two recipes for ultimate holiday perfection. Stay tuned tomorrow for the results. I'm hoping Aunt Kate will be up for some baking or atleast holding sweet Matilda.

Who could resist this face?

Here is the usual neediness that Guinness oozes on a daily basis. Poor dog.

I have had to put mittens on Matilda because she kept scratching her face:( She gets so fitful when she's ready to sleep and goes crazy with the baby hands!

Today I got a little knock on my door from Christy telling me that we were finally getting our street lamps installed. After a promise from 2 years ago, it's finally coming to fruition. Yay! I'll post pictures when they're done.

Hope you are all getting your Christmas affairs in order and enjoying this beautiful season!

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Kellee said...

Aw, poor Guiness! Lucy is just now starting to feel the love again, after Ella arrived! They are the silent (and sometimes not) victims of family-hood!