Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I feel like I whined a lot today and I don't want to be like that. I'm tired and I'm getting worn down by carrying my huge pump to work everyday and trying to remember every little thing that Matilda needs on top of trying to look cute, working long hours, pumping on my break. What's a working Mom to do? I feel like I've bottled up my feelings and let them all loose today. I'm sorry to anyone I dropped a load on. Thanks for listening.

ps maybe Anthropologie wanted to get in on the latte-versary because for a limited time, beginning on latte-versary day the latte bowls are half off. whoopee! can you believe that? so of course i bought more. so sue me.

I'm too tired to post a picture for you to look at, so all you get are words. goodnight.

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Angela said...

That sounds hard, what a great mama you are to keep doing your best for your sweet baby. Praying for an easier day for you tomorrow!

Kate said...

i'm coming to see you tomorrow and you can whine to me all you want!

Claire said...

I cannot wait to see you in just a couple days!!!!!! When are you off work during the holidays? I am home Friday the 19th (night) until the 31st (morning). LOVE YOU.

Jkrez said...

Sounds like you need a homecooked meal and a hug....let me know where and when! I miss you and I need a Tilda fix too.

Kellee said...

Whining was my best skill pre-baby, and now it's become more impressive than I could've ever imagined! Just ask Mr. Hart!
You're doing a great job - don't let doubts or exhaustion get you down!