Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A perfect Sunday

I love Sunday, it's my favorite day of the week. It's the only day I can count on that Sam and I will spend together, and now Matilda will be a part of that joy. It's the day that we go to our sweet church. It's the day that we sleep a little later, but not too late so that we get to watch CBS Sunday Morning with full bellies and warm coffee. It's also the day that we often get together with the rest of my family. Sunday is a wonderful day.

This past Sunday was particularly wonderful. We ate breakfast while Til snuggled and cooed. We had an early morning visit from our dear friends, Karina and Eric. They were in town for my favorite annual Christmas party and it had been way too long since we've seen them. They are two of my absolutely favorite people. They are lovely, funny, beautiful, and endearing individuals! Karina is one of the brains behind the beautiful Cosafina jewelry, which I have raved about. As a baby gift she loaded us up with adorable organic wears and moved me to tears by giving me the stunning baby pendant necklace, which I have been coveting. I didn't even know what to say. I'm such a blessed girl to have a friend like Karina.

Karina and Matilda

Karina, Matilda, and Me

I wish we could have spent more time with them, but they had a long drive ahead...

After our wonderful visit we watched Harry Potter (we really love Harry Potter in case you haven't noticed) and then we headed to our favorite lunch spot, NY Deli, and then we made a trip to my new favorite guilty pleasure, Cupcake Charm Bakery.

Gingerbread and Chocolate


Just in case your mouth wasn't already watering.

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jodikendall.com said...

cute shots!!! I love Karina, too :-) It was a tearful goodbye on Sunday. I'm glad you had fun this weekend-- it was so lovely having you & Sam over & catching up! Thanks for the "my favorite annual party" shout-out! xoxo

Rachel Kay said...

i wish every day consisted of cupcakes and harry potter.