Monday, January 12, 2009

Just as soon as you think you got it down

So, the rice cereal was working like a charm. Then just as my Mom predicted...Matilda has begun the dreaded teething phase. Sweet angel has been moaning and sucking on anything in sight, particularly her hand. I feel so bad for her! I apparently also began teething around 4 months. I'm trying to avoid giving tylenol as much as possible. I found these natural suggestions on Hippie Dippie Bebe's website:

Top Ten Natural Teething Remedies

10. Plush chew toys

Under the Nile

9. Your finger

8. Cold fruits or veggies


7. Wooden teething toys and rings


6. Single Dose Chamomilla Homeopathic Remedy


5. Clove-Oil for Painful Gums

Clove oil

4. Amber Teething Necklaces

Natural Baby Co

3. Ice Cube and Slushy Remedies

source:preschool mama

2. Cold, Frozen Washcloths

source:My Savannah Cottage

1.Hyland’s Teething Tablets or Boiron Camilia


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Jkrez said...

tara's son wears the amber necklace and it really seems to have helped. don't ask me how but he' worn it for months. it's cute too:)

Christy said...

let the fun times begin!... actually, it really isn't as dreaded as everyone makes it out to be. jack never did have too hard of a time. i will say, though, that the wet frozen washcloth idea is a good one. for some reason they just love sucking all the water out...

love you. and i do want to get together soon.

Angela said...

I have a friend who swears by the amber necklace, and I agree they are so cute! We loved teething tablets, and the washcloths aforementioned!

My kids never had too rough a time either, but I am not one to attribute behavior to teething,... unless someone is suggesting something about my kids that I dont like,... "Oh he must be teething..." :)

Again, I hope peace and relief are coming your way!

Angela said...

Oh, also big "whats up doc" type carrots, my son loved those!