Friday, February 27, 2009

Inspiration: Patrick Blanc Vertical Gardener

With spring just around the corner my unpainted toes and pale winter skin are aching to be painted and awakened with some color (not much mind you). My inner gardener is crying out for some time spent amongst the holly hocks, daisies, echinacea, climbing vines, hydrangeas, and many other beauties that adorn my home. My recent discovery and interest is vertical gardening. Mostly seen in urban environments where gardeners have to go up rather that out, succulents, ferns, and more make their homes on walls, mounted fixtures, and other creative options. One fellow that has caught my attention is french botanist and vertical garden pioneer Patrick Blanc. Here are some of his intriguing collections. How lovely to stumble on to one of these magical creations:

source: localoaf




Oh yeah, and he's a crazy looking dude with some reallllly long fingernails. Eeeek!

Maybe he uses those suckers as little shovels?

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