Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Restaurant Review: Flip Burger Boutique

My beautiful sister, Rachel, first told me about Flip. This modern burger boutique is home of the Krispy Kreme milkshake and ever since Sam and I heard of such dreamy goodness we've been dying to go. With both of us on a pretty strict eating regime, what better excuse than my birthday? Sam surprised me with a monday night date night and lined up a babysitter (thanks Mom and Dad) and everything! Let me start by saying that I love burgers...all kinds, beef, turkey, veggie, you name it! So, this little slice of burger heaven was just that! I started off with a "vintage" Orange Sunkist made of pure sugar cane:

Then Sam and I both ordered our burgers. My choice: The Butchers Cut. Blue cheese, caramalized onion, red wine jelly:

We split the fries which were very tasty and then Sam ordered the Bacon and Cheese:

The buttery bun is delightful. The flavors are intense with plenty of delicious condiments to pile on top of the perfectly cooked burgers and fresh toppings. The portion size is also perfect, leaving room for the must-have milkshakes:

Nutella with roasted marshmallow on the left and Krispy Kreme on the right. As excited as we were to try the Krispy Kreme shake, it was the Nutella that had our tongues wagging.

Sam was so good to me as always. He surprised me with a Dyson and made me this beautiful belt:

The belt is now for sale at Magnolia Leather Works!

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bonjouritsjinah said...

Oh man I am DYING to go to Flip! I've heard nothing but great things. Thanks for the recommendation.

anonymously chic said...

i am drooling right now...nutella milkshake. oh my goodness.

In The Cottage said...

Oh my!
take me there now!

Stacee said...

I keep hearing good things about Flip so I need to go check it out soon. It's just down the street from me so I have no excuse!

fattycakes said...

I can't wait to eat at Flip...I'm a big Richard Blais fan! Hope you had a great birthday Les!

Claire said...

I checked out their menu . . . I think I'd be ordering the "vegetable of the day." I have to say, a foie gras milkshake sounds like about the most disgusting thing I've ever heard of. Holy moly.

Anonymous said...

You finally got your dyson!!!! Do you love it? JX

Mario said...

Yes! A review of Flip from someone I love and trust. Joe and I will be eating there PRONTO!!!