Thursday, March 12, 2009

March Book Club: The Red Tent

For March my little book club and I dug our heels in to the beautiful, I-am-woman-hear-me-roar novel, The Red Tent. Based on the story of Dinah in Genesis, the book tells her side of the story. I am still not finished with the book, but I am enjoying every moment I spend with it. The book is so beautifully written and really makes you feel proud to be a woman.

Being the "Queen of Themes," Jennifer set the scene at her beautiful home with candles, draped fabrics, Indian food (yum!) and a tri-cornered cake. Add a little wine and a bunch of women and the rest of the evening took care of itself.

I got to meet baby Tatum for the first time and she's delicious! What a sweet baby girl.

Cocktails and diaper changes.

The hostess.

I had a lovely time and it was a fun night out for me. I've been really stressing myself out lately with feeling like I'm falling short in so many ways and it was nice to kind of vacate for a few hours. It's always great to talk to your girlfriends who make you feel like you're not alone. Thanks Jen for hosting a wonderful evening!!

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anonymously chic said...

i want to be part of a book club. how fun! (and that book is pretty great)

Claire Kiefer said...

The curtains in that living room are FANTASTIC! And I love what you said about the book . . . I haven't read it yet, but you made me wanna. :)