Thursday, March 12, 2009

In the pit

Oh dumpers. Why are you following me? Lately I feel like throwing myself one big pity party, complete with a bottle of wine and tissues. I am on an emotional rollercoaster complete with hills of guilt and dips of anxiety. I am not a happy camper. I need change in my life and I'm searching to find where to pour all of my creative energy. I just feel motivated to try something new, learn new things. I've really been toying with the idea of re-learning how to sew. I wish someone could teach me a refresher. I made some purchases to inspire me:

Little Stitches for Little Ones

This book by the dreamy Amy Butler has the sweetest patterns for baby kimonos, totes, bibs. I imagine myself creating beautiful things with her gorgeous fabrics for my little ones and the new little ones entering this sweet world.

Stitched in Time

This darling book by Alicia Paulson illustrates beautiful instructions for creating family heirlooms.

Maybe spending some time pouring over these and pouring over my darling daughter's face will give me some perspective. Please pray for me if you love me or even if you don't know me. I feel pretty slumpish and then some.

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jess said...

Chin up Lesley Lou! Lately, when I have been getting sad... I bake! Then share the yummies (So I don't eat them all myself). Baking and sharing makes me feel goooooood. Repeat as necessary :) love you!!!

anonymously chic said...

i'm sorry you're feeling poorly lesley and i hope things start getting better. maybe a night out w/the girls would be in order? lean on your friends, that's what we're here for! xoxo big hugs across cyberspace.

Stacee said...

If you need a sewing refresher course, I'll teach you! And I know how you feel about the pity party, I'm totally struggling with it as well. I have found that if I do at least one creative thing (paint, sew, stamp) a day it really helps with my mood. It's pretty amazing how much it helps!

homemade grits said...

Awwww Stacee! Thanks, I would love said you live near Flip, right? Wouldn't that be serendipitous?! I'm sorry you're dealing with the dumpers too. Let's sew it out!

Christy said...

I hear you, remember you're not alone in the pits! We all get there from time to time. I have some sewing skills, I am by far not an expert, but you are welcomed to my machine when you want some practice!

In The Cottage said...

Lesley, I feel you, girl! I have been struggling with the same thing lately. I think you should give yourself a BIG break! It takes well up to a year to feel emotionally stable again after having a baby. (I'm still waiting... :) I love you, you are not alone, you are amazing and wonderful! Come see me, and we can craft it up!!!


Stacee said...

Yep, I live about a mile from Flip. Email me and we can get together! staceeadamsat gmaildotcom.

bonjouritsjinah said...

Ooooh I love Amy Butler fabrics! Her patterns are so incredible!

I'm feeling pretty much in the slumperoos too. I keep telling myself it will turn around when Spring rolls in for real.