Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

One of the places where I feel the most at peace, is in my garden. Last year I wasn't able to really enjoy spring gardening because I was pregnant ie nauseous and exhausted! This year will be different. I have great plans for sprucing things up around here.

Nature has been doing it's own job of covering the earth with it's beauty:

The chocolate akebia vine is a favorite. This year it is going crazy and is currently covered in rich chocolate blooms. The vines have made their homes in my hanging stars.

The clematis is about to bloom. Soon deep purple flowers will adorn my porch.

Having Matilda in the garden with me has been a long time dream.

The confederate jasmine in bloom. The winter jasmine has not woken up quite yet.

A pass along Iris.

The pink dogwood we planted in honor of Mama Lou is green with new life and the yellow ladybanks rose I bought on ebay is leaping!

The daylilies are always the first to make their appearance.

What are you growing in your garden?

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Arlynn said...

Yay for spring! I've got my eye set on a few lovely planters filled with herbs for my pette patio : )