Thursday, April 23, 2009

Decorating Craft Spaces

Because I am not fancy enough to have my own craft room (my husband has taken over our free room!) I have to carve out a space for my creative exploits.

I moved my sewing desk in to our bedroom and we added this beautiful wardrobe for craft storage (fabric, stamps, scrapbooking materials, etc).

© copyright homemade grits


little by little said...

i love this. My "craft"supplies are scattered about the house--much to Jays's chagrin. Me being unorganized probably explains why I can't seem to remember to bring you the "surprise" that I have for you....the suspense is building!

In The Cottage said...

I have that Lotta Jansdotter book too! Fun. I told Andy that our next house HAS to have a separate garage/shed that I am going to convert into a studio-crafting-woodshop-palace of awesomeness!