Friday, May 8, 2009

DIY: Raised bed Part 1

I told you a while back that we had been working on a project. Well, we have been. Unfortunately for whatever reason (rain, mud, store hours, not having a truck) we have been delayed, so I'm going to break down this DIY in to phases. We are totally in to urban homesteading, growing our own, and using what we got. Sam is not interested in gardening like I am, but he does like to eat. Growing a vegetable garden was the easiest and fastest way to get his hands dirty.

Ok, so we followed this glorious plan (I really can't tell you how much I love Sunset! I can't wait to get my first issue):

{perfect raised bed}

8 -foot-long 2x6's, stained the night before

My Dad gave us these awesome posts, that he had left over from some other project.

You have to construct this bad boy upside down.

My man diggin holes. Pretty hot.

My baby, cause she's cute.

The hardest part was that Sam had to redistribute the dirt to make the bed level. Sweat city.

Stay tuned for recipe for perfect dirt...

*Update: Check out Sam's response to this post. HILARIOUS!

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In The Cottage said...

Awww shooot! Work it out, Sam! Andy and I are also wanting to plant a garden in the back (except neither of us know a thing about it.) We decided to wait til next year so we can study up.

Shaunna Faye said...

I constructed my own garden bed a week ago. Although it's not as pretty as yours, I'm hoping to have fresh squash and red onions soon!

homemade grits said...

Shaunna- Hello! Red onions and squash sound amazing. We will definitely be planting both:)

Chritty- go on ahead girl, ain't no time like the present!