Thursday, May 14, 2009

DIY: Raised bed Part 2

  1. Rent a truck to pick up your dirt for bed. We chose organic. Total cost: $19 for truck + $30 dirt in bulk= $49 (still $30 less than buying dirt by the bag)

  2. Put down hardware cloth to prevent moles/creatures from coming up through the bottom. I don't know if we have moles in Georgia...

  3. Screw 4 1" PVC pipes to inside of bed. The pipes will connect a long piece of PVC pipe to use as an arbor to protect plants from birds/squirrels as well as insulate the bed in the winter.

  4. If necessary drill stakes to inside of bed for extra support.

  5. We sealed the gaps between the ground and the bed with large rocks.

  6. Start shoveling. Our bed called for a cubic yard of good ole dirt.

  7. We top dressed the bed with mushroom compost.

  8. Fertilize with either sea kelp or 10.10.10 mix

{Recipe for perfect dirt}
Organic potting mix
Slow Release fertilizer

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1 comment:

jodi said...

Looks great! My mom is a big fan of Square Foot Gardening and has been encouraging me to try it for years in a raised bed. Looking forward to see how yours works out!