Friday, May 29, 2009

Gardening Q/A

Q: Surprise, surprise I have a gardening question!!! We are in massive landscaping and home improvement mode :) We are looking to improve the privacy of our backyard and make a little oasis for ourselves. I want to train a hearty vine with good foliage to grow on our deck railings, that could possibly grow very tall if we ever build a pergola or archway in the future. Direct sunlight, preferably one that flowers or is fragrant, good for Georgia and drought conditions. Any ideas or tips? Thank you thank you!

A: Dear Jodi,

Great question! I'm excited to see what you create in your backyard. For a great hardy vine, for direct sunlight I would recommend the Akebia vine. The foliage is so beautiful, it flowers in the spring and it grows very fast. Most vines take several years to really spread, but not the Akebia. There are two different types, white and chocolate flowers and they are both beautiful!! Good luck:)

A link: Akebia Vine

I don't recommend Jasmine, because I lost my jasmine to the drought:(

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