Friday, May 29, 2009

Gardening Q/A

Q: 1) i want to decorate my lower balcony with ivy, like lattice work - didn't you have some experiences with ivy not cooperating with the whole crawl effect? what would you or your momma recommend?

and i lied, i have two - 2) my jade plant/money tree stopped growing, and i haven't taken the time to check but it's probably root bound - do i just need to put it in a bigger pot, or are there special tips? your is so big and pretty :)

A: Dear Osayi,

1) For a confined space like a balcony you could try these ideas:

Directions: Before and After balcony

Love this canopy! So great. Instructions here.

Who says you need a yard to have a garden?

2) My beloved Jade Tree was a gift from my sweet brother, Jake. He carried it to my house from Home Depot, then Marta, then a bus. I cherish it. I have had great luck summering it. I also feed it in the spring and make sure that there isn't a lot of debris in the dirt, they like a clean home. You very well may need to move it to a bigger pot. Make sure you use fresh succulent potting mix. Good luck!

Jade Tree Care

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our little love nest said...

Loving this post. I am going to try that canopy out. It is so fun looking. thanks:)

lamb said...

hooray! thank you so much - i'm so late, but betta than neva :-)