Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Miss us?

Since I don't really like giving criminals the a-ok, hit us up, "we're out of town" notice, I don't usually advertise our trips. However, we spent a lovely long weekend in the woods and I would love to tell you about it, but I'm tired so pictures and highlights will have to do for now. I do love getting a few chastising notes when I'm absent. It makes me think someone reads this little blog.xo.

Matilda fully embraced her woodsy girl self. We're talking cargos and hats all weekend.

We got to test out this pack...finally!

There were so many wildflowers in bloom. Queen Anne's Lace and daisies galore.

Guinness needed three baths to get all of the jumpinginmudpuddleschasingblazerollinginthedirt debris off.

The days were spent in doors with coffee and wonderful conversation when it rained and when the sun peeked it's head Sam was out the door with Lynndaddy to tear up some targets. Grammy and I played with Matilda and sat outside in the cool breeze.

We also went to Grammy's wonderful weekly tea party. Her friends are fabulous! Made me want a weekly tea party of my own...

The last day was spent taking a dizzying drive to Cheahaw Park (the highest point in Alabama). Matilda was wearing an outfit deemed unsuitable for public view by Grammy (she was also the one who gave it to her. hehe.)

The weekend was absolute heaven as always. Thank you beyond words Lynndaddy and Grammy. We loved it!

ps bangs are superfun in humid conditions. forgot just how fun!

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Anonymous said...

that last picture is hilarious!


Jake said...

looks like ya'll had an awesome trip, Grammy and Lyndaddy know how to party!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are great !!

nice w-e !


katie k said...

looks like you had fun! Glad you got to get away, and you should definitely start having tea parties so I can come:)