Thursday, June 25, 2009

Play Date

Matilda had not only one playdate this week, but two! We met up with two of my beautiful neighbors and their daughters. We want to take pictures of the girls at each one so we can look back and see how they've grown.

Coffee, fruit (no bagel for me), and wonderful conversation were all indulged. I'm so thankful to be getting to really know my neighbors and I love our neighborhood.

This morning Claire and I met up with Jessie, Sheena, Amy, Christy, Kelly, Pete, and then my friend Mary Ann and all of their little ones. It was quite the group. Notice my awesome fluffy hair and no longer empire shirt. Sweet. Love when I look so good in group shots. It was so HOT, I think our next get together will be at the pool. I can't believe this is my life????

Baby Asia. Cutie.

Matilda wasn't that in to the park. I think it was equal parts: heat, lack of nap, and heat. She's such a little trooper, she was silent as a mouse when we got in the car. Then she talked for an hour and a half before she finally went to sleep. Claire and I had a lovely lunch and then some craft time. Now Lipstick Jungle and fantasizing about our trip we are going to take...

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oh my goodness look at all those babies! and there's claire!