Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cluster blogger

Kind of like "cluster feedings" only I'm feeding your blogrolls. It's a challenge to blog on a schedule, so I do it when the urge strikes and then I blog, blog, blog.

So, sunday Sam and I stuck to our plan of a weekly outdoor adventure.

We visited the beautiful Jones Bridge. I wanted a "scenic" hike and this one caught my eye because it follows the river almost the entire 5 MILES! What was I thinking? The journey started out a little rocky. For instance, I BIT it on the trail. That's right. A few steps in and BAM taking poor, sweet Guinness down with me. Not too much damage, just a little scrapage, a dirty knee, and a bruised ego. THEN, I had to pee so after realizing we had walked the wrong way, in to a dead end, we walked back to the restrooms, which let's just leave out the disgusting details and get to the point that there was no WATER or SOAP, so I was a bit cranky by this point. So, we walked out our frustrations, and walked, and walked. I didn't move after we got home. At all.

The beautiful, no longer working, bridge. There were people everywhere on this beautiful day. Playing on the rocks, fishing, kayaking. There were lots of spots to drop in. There was an area with stairs covered with screaming children (this area is avoidable). Make sure if you do this hike to go to the RIGHT to walk on the trail, the bridge and some serious mansions and then the river are to the left.

The trail was strenuous at times, but with lots of relatively flat areas, so it's great for a good, long hike. Emphasis on the long.

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Rachel Kay said...

these are so good!!

sometime soon i want join your sunday adventure.