Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ah, the great outdoors

Hello outdoors, haven't seen you in a while.

Sam and I are working on our fitness. A really important parenting goal of mine is to teach our children how to take care of themselves. What better way than to show them, right? So we are going to be trying new things every weekend. This weekend we went to Sope Creek. "Great secluded trail," sounded good to me!

We loaded up all of our gear and headed towards nature.

Doesn't Matilda look excited?!

How sweet. Just a mother/daughter out for a little stroll.

Duh.Duh.Duh. I'm thinking "This is ridiculous. Bumpbumpbump I'm already exhausted." A carried-over-the-creek stroller and a few more bumps in the road later and we decided we had made a huge error. Thus we turned around to head home, give Til her nap, and then try again. We would not be defeated.

Take two.

Bzzzzz. bzzzzz. "Geez don't these mountain bikers have any respect? They're going to run us over!" "What's that?" "Bike trail?" Yup that's right. We were on a mountain bike trail with a freaking stroller and then AGAIN with a back pack. Amateurs.

"Whoa, looks steep folks." We walked literally straight down. I wanted to see the water. Once we veered off the bike path there were tons of trails and maps (thank God), so we headed towards Sope Creek, terrified of the walk back UP.

It was beautiful. We didn't run in to anyone. So peaceful. We took the road less traveled back, which saved a ton of time. We were on a mission. La Parilla.

Live in the Atlanta area? Where should we go next?

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little by little said...

love this! Jay and I love Blood Mountain. Guinness would love it as well, and it would require the back pack...definitely no strollers.
Miss you, Les.
Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I appreciate them more than you know.

emilyb said...

I wouldn't have gone back! Way to be persistent Grahams!

down and out chic said...

oh fun and i like the hikers pack, very nice.
ummm, where should you go next? to athens, hello!

Anonymous said...

Try the Chattahoochee Nature center and try Cochran Shoals trail
It's very close by.

lamb said...

you guys are troopers! we love sweetwater park off i-20 - there are several trails, a beautiful river with huge rocks, some ruins to whet the history-driven appetite and NO BIKES :) parking is $3, free on wednesdays

B said...

I have to agree about Blood Mtn and Neels Gap - that's my very fav section of the AT. I also love Fort Mtn. State Park in Chatsworth - the Gahuti Trail is 8 miles but I suggest doing it in the fall the views are amazing!