Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Must Have

There's a ton of junk out there in the baby world. Trust me. When I find something I think is seriously useful I love to share this wealth with others. I have the Baby Bjorn, it serves its purpose, I especially like it for the first few months, but I LOVE my SlingEZee Sling. When Til and I did the sling shoot for p&n I was able to try several, and this one is by far my favorite!

It is so comfortable. I really love it and Matilda loves it to. I get to snuggle up to her, but it still breathes and is so soft. I love the padded shoulder strap. Go out and get you one.

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1 comment:

katie k said...

hope the one I made is as comfy as that one! I can't believe that in 15 days (+/-) I am going to have a baby to carry in my sling!!!!