Friday, July 17, 2009

Keeping it real

Good morning! Here are Matilda and I in our early morning finest, she: looking sparkly and adorable, me: looking like I didn't get all of my eye makeup off and not quite enough sleep. I was lucky enough to have some fabulous conversations last night leaving me feeling quite happy.

As I write this my darling girl wails in her crib for no certain reason. Hmmmm.

I am so grateful to have the day with her today. Matilda is turning 10 months tomorrow. 10 MONTHS. I really cannot believe it. It seems like just yesterday we were pulling all nighters and Matilda's little head couldn't hold on its own. Now she is standing, hilarious, giving coy high fives and waves, making these precious gurgle and cackle noises. She's a little slice of heaven. Every day I find myself praying over her, while I hold her tiny hands. Praying for protection and joy and love and confidence. We're so thankful.

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little by little said...

lesley, loooved seeing you last night. i'm also happier today as a result! and matilda....oh gosh. cute as a button. her hair is getting longer...I love the swept look. congrats and have a wonderful day with her.