Sunday, August 9, 2009

lounge pants

i had to take another stab at pants. i knew what i did wrong last time, so i tried my hand at it again. this time i took one of sam's buttondowns, which hadn't made the cut. i left plenty of room at the top (like the tutorial recommends!) to eliminate roct (that's risk of camel toe).

it worked! i added a pocket to make the pants more girly, using a zigzag stitch.

i ran out of my thick elastic so i made drawstring casing for the 1/4 inch elastic and then sewed shut. i like the airiness. i also added a cuff at the bottom.

matilda loves them!

no reallyyyyy

© copyright homemade grits


In The Cottage said...

ROCT!!! LOvE it!!!!!!!

little by little said...

make me some!
miss you.

B said...

I love them! (and the roct acronym tee hee)