Tuesday, September 1, 2009

how to: paper garland

when planning kate's shower, i was focused on the details. i love making party decorations. kate is a lover of simple design and doesn't like a lot of color (unlike me). she likes things delicate and clean, so i thought circles would be a nice way to enhance the chandelier in my parent's dining room. this effect was very easy to achieve.

1. using martha stewart craft paper in coordinating colors, rachel cut out different sized circles using a circle cutter.

2. i then sewed the circles together at random lengths to add more dimension.

3. stagger them from whatever you would like to hang them from...the ceiling, a light fixture, etc. voila.

It was that simple.

© copyright homemade grits


Anonymous said...

It looks amezing !



Anonymous said...

amazing !

I love your blog...
full of great ideas!


Olivia Rae said...

thank you for this! i love it!

katie k said...

lovin' it. gorgeous. and I am with you on the september thing. so excited to go on walks and not be sweatin the whole time. Lovin the weather lately. but not excited for winter it could go falll fall, then spring, summer. just skip winter.

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

What a fun party-- I especially love the patterns in the light feature!!