Tuesday, September 1, 2009


the air is cool, this month is a favorite. i love the changing of the seasons, it's renewing. change is good. this year has been full of much needed change and i'm so thankful. i've been trying to listen more and more to the Lord and trying to shift my focus. i'm grateful for clarity.

back to september and why i love it. as the leaves change, some of my favorite things come to life...pumpkin patches, apple picking, warm drinks with flavors like pumpkin, cinnamon, and cider, and the feeling of the holidays gets closer and closer. sam and i also declared that we would love to go to a corn maze sometime soon. who's in?

and this goes without saying, well i guess it doesn't, that the main reason i love september is that this was the month that my life changed the most. my darling matilda came to the earth.

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Christy said...

It is also my birth month, it doesn't get better than that :) Get a sitter lined up for the 25th, we're partying !!!

Claire Kiefer said...

also in your beloved September: your baby girl turns one!!!!