Friday, October 16, 2009

adventures in shopping

last night in a rare opportunity, i went shopping with sister and mama. i was so excited to a) have a girls night b) spend some money getting some retail therapy c) enjoy an evening of no one needing anything from me. we were on borrowed time so we went to the avenues because it's close and not a mall.

i had been desperate to see jcrew's fall line in the flesh. their styling right now is quite simply...perfect. however, having curves and not fitting in the waif-like, model mold left me with disappointing results.

i did find some really great jeans, which some would say was a major achievement. they have just the right amount of stretch and a great wash.

i also love the jewels. love them.

it was downhill from there. we went to the loft, banana, the gap. same.same.same. it was so sad. i wanted to blow some bucks, but i couldn't even settle on anything.

i want her wardrobe. gimme.

and these shoes.

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Anonymous said...

embrace those curves, you look great!

Christy said...

I went into JCrew the other night and was amazed at what I saw, no longer the preppy, soccer mom look. Very cute stuff!

hiking in stilettos said...

Love the J Crew collection BUT NOTHING fit me either. So so sad. I agree with you about the jewels... and about ZD's wardrobe.

kristina dutton said...

i just made a zooey stencil! ill send a photo of it once i get one. it turned out pretty good, but i made it for a friend.