Tuesday, October 13, 2009


this morning i had one of those harried mom mornings. you know, the ones where you are doing a million things at once and everything and everyone comes first and it's five til the time you're supposed to leave and you're still in your bath robe. yea, one of those. but, feeling very proud of myself, i managed to get me and matilda bathed, two batches of muffins baked, both of us dressed and fed, and we were out the door (albeit 15 minutes late) with coffee in tow thanks to sam.

where were we heading?

to celebrate logan "officially" becoming a xayaseng, although he's felt very official since he was brought in to all of our lives in december. unfortunately a lot of red tape, paperwork, and fees have to be tied up. done and done. i'm so proud of them.

beth threw the sweetest fete in logan's honor. very emotional and beautiful brunch.

see all the pictures here.

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Anonymous said...

What a fun get-together, the cupcakes look delish!