Monday, November 23, 2009

and so it was

our weekend was jam packed. hope you had a good one. i have to say that this weekend will stand out as one of my favorites. we started saturday off with a girls trip to ice. apparently the word is out. it was jam-packed up in that piece. i loved running in to so many of my friends, but miss m was not feeling it, so i feel like i missed out on some great vendors, but here are my purchases:

i loved kilroy and maw's screen printed posters. three for $25, don't mind if i do! they don't have any of the posters i snatched up online, but let's just say one of them says, "i love a fine swine."

i bought a lovely hair clip from so she sews.

i was so excited to see the small object, urbnpop, fattycakes, blueeyed freckle, and ministry of tiny hats.

after the show, i anxiously awaited the much anticipated surprise overnight date with sam. he coordinated everything to arrange an evening alone for us and didn't tell a soul.

we started the evening off by checking in here.

next was dinner here.

i think i ordered the wrong thing, but the tiramusu was some of the best i've ever had. sam got the chicken with lemons and capers and it was delightful.

up next was the BIG surprise: radio city christmas spectacular! at the fox. i hadn't been to the fox in years and sam had never been. it was so fun and special because we never do anything like that and the show was incredible. the rockettes are out of this world. loved the costumes and the dance moves. every time they did the can can thing everyone cheered!


afterwards we headed over to the newly renovated livingston restaurant and bar at the georgian terrace for drinks. the retro glamour of the bar and killer food and drinks are already garnering attention. they were just named one of the best new restaurants by atlanta magazine.


the staff was a little less than friendly, and the football game was distracting, but the kobe sliders made up for it.

just wanted to brag on sam, i'm so thankful to have him in my life. the day and night were perfection. quality time can be hard to come by. next mystery date is in my hands...what to do?!

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hiking in stilettos said...

How fun!! Such a sweet husband, Sam G is. I am glad that you had a night alone together and that it was so much fun :) As a side note, I wanted to be a Rockette so badly as a little girl... unfortunately, there is a hight requirement!

hiking in stilettos said...
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fattycakes said...

hey les!
Jeff and I did the same thing recently...stayed at hotel indigo and ate at Livingston. It was wonderful! The best part was hotel indigo takes dogs so along came Pizmo with us!

p.s. I heart that sweet dress you made til for thanksgiving...hope yours was wonderful!


bonjouritsjinah said...

It was so great to see you at ICE! Pardon me, I'm simultaneously catching up on my blaggs while trying not to stab my eyes out over my final paper.

I picked up some prints from Kilroy and Maw too! I was going to blog about them but I am 1. lazy and 2. gifting them to people that read.

Speaking of pizza, have you been to Antico yet?