Friday, November 20, 2009

weekend how-to

here's a fun weekend project if you're in the market...

i made my first wreath yesterday. it's completely quirky, but maybe you're in to it. you can do your own spin. not a lot of rules here.

what you'll need:

a fat roll of yarn. i liked this ombre yarn in cinnamon hues. it gives a festive punch that doesn't feel trite.
garden wire
16" styrofoam wreath form
decorative touches (i used vintage game pieces and birds)
an ornament for the center
hot glue gun
pom poms

begin by wrapping garden wire around the form to make a loop to hang it on your door. make the loop top center.

next wrap the entire form in yarn. this is the most time consuming part of the project (er frustrating part cause my yarn kept getting in a knot. i digress).

next i attached these sweet birdies, available at your local craft store.

then i hot glued "noel" out of pompoms. you could also say peace, whatever floats your boat. i was inspired here. i also hot glued the game pieces (aren't they fantastic?).

i love pom poms.

lastly i hung an ornament (this was from rach, a lovely g) from the top with garden wire. voila!

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Anonymous said...

I love it !
And "Christmas" in french sounds really good !!!
love the birds, the colors, the pompoms...
excellent idea !



hiking in stilettos said...

Love it!!! I am definitely going to make one of my own! Where did you find those game pieces?

homemade grits said...

thanks guys! the game pieces i found on etsy:)

bunnie said...

loves it! definitely going to give it a try this week...