Friday, November 20, 2009

handmade holidays

i'm kind of on a roll, so i'm gonna go with it. i've been busy collecting vintage christmas treasures, creating ornaments and wreaths, and doing a little sewing. i'm so excited for the christmas season and it doesn't take much at all to get me in the spirit. i was so inspired yesterday rummaging around and filtering through joanns.

i whipped up this bow scarf for matilda and i'm thinking about selling them...thoughts?

it's made from soft fleece and this super fun goose fabric. i wanted something really girly and fun, especially since people still ask how old "he" is. prettiest boy i ever saw. sheesh.

i've continued on the ornament path. here's a petite cupcake for my petite cupcake, lauren. she had me over for the most divine chili dinner. let me just tell you about the had pineapple in it. heaven!

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little by little said...

its darling and i love it and yes you should sell it.

Krizzle said...

I think that scarf is adorable!

Down and Out Chic said...

yes, sell them so that i can buy one for anslei. :)

katie k said...

I just commented on the post below also, but um that little scarf is adorable, you should sell it, that would be so fun!! and I totally know what you are talking about with people thinking your girl is a boy. happens all the time to miss olivia, which is why I put headbands on her whenever we are in public. remind me to tell you about the airport. and that wreath is awesome.