Sunday, November 1, 2009

Boo Y'all

what a jam packed october! i can't believe that november is here, but i'm excited. the holidays are my favorite time of year. i love christmas, i love everything about it and i plan on draaaaawwwwwwiiiiinnnnnnngggggg it out this year. much to sam's dismay i will be caroling, decorating (i totally slacked on halloween this year), and hopefully spreading joy in any way that i can. oh yea, halloween. here is matilda as a flower. i whipped this little ensemble up day of. we didn't even carve a pumpkin this year. what the hay.

we also tried it this way...

i was happy with how it turned out and super thankful for my tiny sewing knowledge.

we headed over to jessie's for a halloween fest. jess went all out with the decor. i wish i had more pictures! she made chili and had all the fixings. it was so fun and festive and then we took the kids for a super damp/freezing round of trick or treating and then home we went.

sam is in an amazing cover band, so he spends his holidays being awesome. here they are in all their glory...

stay tuned for lots of festivities!!

and please keep my grandparents in your prayers as my grandfather recovers in the hospital, thank you.

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Down and Out Chic said...

your 'tiny' sewing knowledge? PAHLEASE. you're soooo talented.

katie k said...

adorable! what a great last minute costume! love sam's too:)

bunnie said...

hey there! love your blog! it's one of my new fav's. i found you when i went to look for matilda's debut on ohdeedoh!!

-Anderson's Mom