Wednesday, December 16, 2009

the elf

today started out in a rather icky way. i'll spare you the details. unfortunately this led to my insecurities playing with my head all day. i really hate the fact that certain people can have such a negative impact on our lives. although i beg for feelings of forgiveness, there is still a part of me that struggles on a daily basis not to remember hurtful words and events in my life. although, i must remember the bigger picture, the larger whole. i know that God protects me and loves me and i'm so grateful.

i miss having deep and meaningful conversations with my girlfriends about faith, love, healing. when did we all get too busy for each other? it makes my heart hurt. stream.of.conciousness.

back to the elf.

the other day i came home after a long day, i was melting in to the couch and sam kept talking about how creepy one of my dolls is that i have displayed for Christmas (not the adorable one shown here) and then he was talking about my raggedy ann and then finally he said LOOK. he had been trying to get me to look at the dolls in order to see a surprise he had in store for me.

you see this little elf took a tumble during one of my decorating hazes and it left said elf in two pieces. one being the head. he had fixed him and then covered his imperfect neck with a scarf.

i'm thankful every day for my loving, thoughtful husband.

how could i focus on anything but how precious my family and friends are? how loving our God is?

sam shows me that love everyday.

take time to notice God in the little things. take a quiet moment to remember what this often harried time of year means. how beautiful that baby was that was born in Bethlehem to teach and save us. God bless you all this Christmas and always.

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Unknown said...

sometimes its a little creepy how we are on the same wavelength.. posted almost at the same time.. freaky!! God Bless!

Dana said...

what a perfect post! this is just what i needed and i think many people need right around now. thank you!!

blueeyedfreckle said...

i love you lesley! i can talk anytime!!! and its true. we need to remember what this season is really about.

Katie Weber said...

Really enjoyed reading your post on this nasty, cold morning. Thank you for the reminder to slow it down during this crazy time of year and remember what it's all for. I love your elf!

Christina said...

sam is really sweet and that elf looks just like new. hugs and love to you!

Unknown said...

Sorry you had a yucky day, lady! This weather has been crummy and I haven't been feeling so great myself. That's so sweet of Sam, though! You are lucky to have such an awesome mans.