Thursday, December 3, 2009

gift guide: the cook

for the chef in your life, although you may end up benefitting from some of these. hey, call them investments!

a great stocking stuffer. julie and julia comes out on dvd next week! great for people like me who can't ever seem to make it to the theater.

this one's on the top of my list this year. would love a old-fashioned color. they're so beautiful and you'll use it over and over again.


salt is all the rage. a true foodie will appreciate and love this sea salt shaver from microplane (the graters and zesters are also great stocking stuffers!)

splurge on gourmet chocolate from the lovely cacao.

love bar. need i say more.

for grilling indoors and fantastic paninis. grills pans are the perfect grill alternative when it's too chilly.

for the food network lover, this subscription is sure to please. i admit i am an addict. support print!

what's better than nigella? love her! two of my favorite things combine: food and Christmas!

love these prints from kilroy and maw. they also have a cheese print. i bought all three that are featured. you can see them in our home here.

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Down and Out Chic said...

i just bought that pig print (in gold and blue) b/c b said yesterday he wanted one like it! thank you for finding a christmas gift for b!

olivia rae said...

wonderful suggestions! i would love ALL of these things.

katie k said...

love the print! and I saw le creuset pots at my tjmaxx a couple months ago!! i was so tempted to buy one. mostly for the color.... i think i would have that thing permanently displayed on my stove if I owned one!

hiking in stilettos said...

Love them all! I was lucky enough to receive a turquoise MS casserole/dutch oven for our wedding, and I love it!!