Friday, December 4, 2009

Handmade Christmas: Black Apple Doll

i'm working hard to make as many gifts as i can this year. makes me feel good. i especially love making things for matilda. i love seeing her face and hearing her say "whaaaooowww." worth every second.

my first gift i've made for her was made in her likeness using this pattern from the black apple. thanks emily!

i love how customizable these dolls are. i think i'll make her some accessories. a little scarf perhaps?

i'm really proud of her shoes because i figured out how to make them all by myself! pat pat.

matilda has already received a couple of handmade gifts this season. aren't we lucky?

jessica made matilda this sweet sweet doll. we are both so in love with her. thank you so much!

mama lou's dear friend cp sent a Christmas table runner made of some of lou's scraps. what a thoughtful person she is, she also sent this cloth book with vintage drawings. matilda ooeed and awwwed. thank you with all my heart.

got any plans to whip something up? do share!

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katie k said...

love the doll! and that doll that your friend sent id the same one I made while at your house and super pregnant!! awww memories!! This holiday I am making lots of things for my family!! lots of little zippered pouches and hairpieces of course. you actually gave me the guts to try that zippered box pouch! I was so scared of zippers for so long:)

lindsey said...

i cannot believe your hard work. it really makes me feel lazy. the doll is so cute. cuter than any blabla doll ever made.

bonjouritsjinah said...

That is so darling, Les! I'm making my mama and my boyfriend's mama some homemade pressies. Since they are not blog inclined, I might make update posts. I get the fabric tomorrow! Thanks for the rec!