Monday, December 7, 2009

gift guide: the homebody

for the creature of comfort (who meeee?) who would rather stay home than deal with the hustle bustle. give in to their pajama clad whims...

i think these socks are the perfect coziness for cold, winter nights. they're tops in my book.

flannel sheets are delicious. i really enjoy this coffee ticking stripe set from l.l. bean. i think sheets are a lovely gift. very romantic. oh wait that's satin sheets.

while i'm at it. let's talk pillows. new pillows can be taken up a notch, gift soft fluffy wonderful ones. every night they'll think of you...

{country living}

favorite tv shows on dvd are a sure fire hit. how i met your mother marathon? sign me up!

inspire a delicious night in with the pioneer woman's cookbook. kate and i were going to go the signing tonight, but feared the crowds. apparently 250+ people showed up. WOW.

perfect for curling up with a hot tea or starting their day off on a high note with a large cup of joe.

for their keys and then some.

today i felt grateful. so grateful. thanks for reading.

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Christy Cummings Harrison said...

Ley-Ley! You are doing such a magnificent job with ALL of these gift guides. Love 'em! And Love you!

Down and Out Chic said...

i'm doing a little dance right now over how i met your mother. quite possibly one of my favorite shows EVER!

lauren b. said...

ooh, i love me some smartwool socks.