Wednesday, January 27, 2010

blue ribbons

with all of this dress making, i decided that matilda needed one of her own. i wanted to recognize how wonderful she is as well, so i came up with the blue ribbon dress. i'm obsessed with blue ribbons (ribbons in general) and well, i think matilda is tops.

made of a soft flannel for these cool months. i love layering her up, the dress looks great over long sleeves and under cardigans or both for the really chilly days.

a fabric rosette with button closure and felt strands make up the ribbon.

this dress will now be available in the shop!

it is so hard for me to believe that matilda is 16 months! she is so busy these days and poor baby has been teething like crazy, but i'm happy to report that she is walking with assistance, but walking nonetheless! she was a late crawler, so the late walking was inevitable. i don't worry about it because i've never heard of anyone not walking, but i'm excited for the milestone. i always say "boop" when she plops down and now she stands and then plops and says "boop!" it's amazing how much she absorbs.

lindsey and i took the girls to antico. i've been dying to try this little pizzeria that is all the rage. well, it lived up to the hype. you literally sit on folding chairs at a community table in the kitchen and eat the pizza served on baking sheets. no forks, just mouth-watering pizza made of the freshest ingredients imported from italy. be prepared that it's not the kid friendliest place. parker and til sat in our laps and were covered in tomato juice by the time we left! they didn't seem to mind...

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hiking in stilettos said...

that dress is absolutely the best! i love the little ribbon with the button center. til is getting so big!

Kate Kiefer said...

too cute! love til's face--she must be doing some serious work at her desk.

Jodi Kendall said...

love the dress! The ribbon is so sweet. And Matilda is so adorable - I miss her. And yum, wish I could have somma that pizza.

Claire Kiefer said...

The dress is gorgeous, Matilda's face is hilarious, and that pizza looks like the best freakin' pizza I've ever seen. Geez! I might need to make a trip to GA so we can go. :)

katie k said...

She could wear that with the "you deserve this award" headband in my shop;)!!! I love the idea on a dress too!