Thursday, January 14, 2010

tied up with string

i've been thinking a lot about presentation and packaging lately. fun things to think about.

for now everything is getting tied up with string with an attached calling card. i love them so much. here are some other packaging that i love, there's a whole flickr group dedicated to etsy packaging:

{oh hello friend}

{cutie pie co}

{just another day designs}

the roll and ring balls are tricky, because you can't really wrap them in paper...

i'm also thinking a lot about haiti today. it is just so very sad. i've been struggling a lot with tragedy lately and why God allows it. i just don't understand why some people have to live through a nightmare. i heard on the news his morning a really easy way to donate in case you're interested. you always want to donate to reputable organizations that will use your money in the most effective way. the red cross being one of them. if you text HAITI to 90999, ten dollars will automatically be donated.

ALSO, my wonderful sweet husband has a really cool project that i want you to check out. we discovered a box full of letters sent between his father and grandmother in ww2. sam is going to be posting them and sharing his personal thoughts as he discovers more and more about that time and about his family. you're really going to enjoy it:

{letters from okolona}

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Jodi Kendall said...

love those letters. the honesty and reality of the moment is touching.

Kate Kiefer said...

pretty packages, so excited about sam's blog! i'm collecting grandma's stories from the same time!

Unknown said...

I can't wait to buy something from you to see these pretty little wrappings! Did you print the cards yourself or are they by moo or some other magic?

Ashley said...

i love your packaging and the sweet honesty of sam's letters. my heart has been heavy for haiti as well, so i donated with food for the poor. it's a great organization b/c it provides for both physical and spiritual needs.

Lesley said...

jinah--they are by moo, and i love them so much. they're printed on recycled paper!

kate--i can't wait to read grandma's stories!