Tuesday, February 2, 2010

groundhog day

i was reading cjane's post today about
motherhood being like groundhog's day. rinse.wash.repeat. i started thinking about our morning routine. every morning matilda lets me know she's awake by banging on the crib with either a)her pacifier b)her bottle or c)whatever she can find on the night stand. i walk in and she starts pacing in her crib and laughing. it's a pretty awesome way to start the day. the next order of business...mil (milk), a diaper change, and then the inevitable..."guh?". matilda wants to know where guinness is. lots of kissing follows and then i try to feed matilda. she is now only wanting to feed herself, which means picking everything apart and then throwing it on the floor usually in guinness' direction, which leads to me shooing guinness away every five seconds. then i try and chug my coffee while we play (aka matilda tries to escape her confines and then goes straight for the netflix envelopes on the sideboard, which involves ripping them to shreds once acquired). we reads buuuuuks (books) and take every puzzle apart. i must confess i am aware of naptime approaching, so i begin my time management. "do i have time to take a shower and sew a dress?" a couple of hours go by and then the same games ensue.

motherhood is sort of like groundhog day, only some days are happy and some days are a little harder, and before you know it your child is independent and driving and has a boyfriend...shudder. i will hold on to these days and chubby cheeks and relish the fact that i'll get to tell her one day about the fit she pitched when she was told she couldn't play in the toilet.

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Claire Kiefer said...

such a sweet post. I loved it. I love hearing about Matilda's days . . . such a fun time in her life. GUH! so cute. You're such a lovely mama--pretty and stylish and accomplished and organized. Who can do all that??

Jessica Addington said...

Precious. Reminds me of my morning routine with my sweet little Lucas- though we do we have a lot more throwing of puzzle pieces, chasing balls down the hallway, pulling the doggies ears, etc. etc. etc. ;)

Erin said...

What a sweet blessing she is. I hope my mornings with one day baby will be half as sweet!