Thursday, February 25, 2010

i was just thinking

this morning i was watching gma, like i always do (what can i say they're like family), and my heart started beating fast when i saw that the pioneer woman was a guest! in just three years she has built an empire. a tiny little blog turned in to a beautiful website which launched a cookbook and now she's famous. so famous that kate and i skipped her book signing because of the hours long wait. it's just amazing. all from her beautiful ranch in the middle of nowhere. the magic of technology.

it just got me thinking about how wonderful it is to be inspired and connected to so many wonderful people across the blogosphere. i just want to thank you all for reaching out to this little blog and saying hello! i don't always have time to respond, but i'm working on it.

here are some current women of inspiration in my life...

{danni of oh, hello friend}

{jodi of passport in my pocket}

{leigh-ann from the freckled nest}

{rachel of handmade charlotte}

{christina from down and out chic}

there are so many more! these are just a few on the top of my head this morning.

who inspires you?

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Down and Out Chic said...

YOU inspire me. seriously. your creativity, savvy style and now your beautiful handmade projects. plus you're just a good person and a friend for life. YOU do inspire me.

jen said...

Yes, this little place called blogland is amazing isn't it1?

you're quite inspirational yourself there, lady!

passport in my pocket said...

Awww, thanks Les for the shout out! I can't wait to check out those other links you posted.

And YOU are pretty inspirational yourself, missy miss crafterson! :)

lacy said...

I am with you on how marvelous it is to be inspired by all the lovely ladies out there in blog land! And I LOVE your zipper pouches! I swear the job of my purse is just to hold all my cute pouches! LOL I am so glad we found each other!

bunnie said...

um.. i strive to be just like you when i grow up.. no seriously... you rock!! cant wait to check out your links:-)

Stephanie said...

I feel the same way you do about GMA, but with the Today show! They are my second fam;)

Oh, and I think my mom is probably my inspiration... She's off to Haiti next week!

oh, hello friend. said...

wow, i am SO honored to be a part of your inspiration - really. and in such lovely company!! you are so sweet, thank you :) xo. danni

handmadecharlotte said...

HEY! Thanks!!! You are soooo nice! I love your blog as well! Hope to see you soon!