Tuesday, March 9, 2010

eat in savannah

probably my favorite part of our trip. we love to eat and savannah has a lot of yummy things to offer.

touristy, yes. delicious, absolutely. we stopped by river street sweets our first night in savannah and i had the pleasure of devouring one of their famous pralines.

for breakfast we loved the harris baking company. perfect croissants and the prettiest pastries!

for lunch we ate at soho south cafe per ellen's recommendation (thank you!) and it was a perfect, charming place. would be great for a girl's lunch, but sam loved it too! fresh, southern, and very charming.

we had two fantastic dinners and one not so fantastic dinner. let's keep it positive! we loved our drinks so much at the bohemian that we did dinner there the next night with a lovely couple we met who shared the same anniversary! dinner was fantastic, the atmosphere was great, and the servers were excellent. i recommend the french dip!

our anniversary was spent at alligator soul, which was so amazing. thanks kristen! we sat by the fire while we waited for our table and the beignet fried chicken was delectable! highly recommend.

for dessert you must go to leopold's! famous for their ice cream that simply melts in your mouth. leopold's has starred in several films as well!

stay tuned tomorrow for things to do!

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Shahrzad Baber said...

thats my favorite thing to do too... my friends and I would always go to Savannah to go to watch bands play and eat at vinnie van go gos when I lived in Hilton Head, their pizza is my favorite in the world!!! You have just given me several new places to try when I go home to visit this summer, I cant wait!

hiking in stilettos said...

It's official. We NEED a girls trip to Savannah! Your trip look incredible, and I would love to eat & shop through the town with you. Also, your headband is precious! I love how you and Sam can make friends anywhere you go. :) You two are so lovable!

CBJ said...

that HAT! i need it!

drollgirl said...

YUM! i wish i was there RIGHT NOW!!!

Stephanie said...

First, i need to not read your blog when I'm hungry... Second, where did you find the beautiful necklace you are sporting in your anniversary dinner pics? It's delightful!

homemade grits said...

thanks stephanie! it's by a jewelry designer called megan park. it was a christmas gift from my fabulous boss!

cbj, the hat is from anthropologie last winter. i love it too!

the southern hostess said...

You went everywhere you should have gone! Well done!

jen said...

I've always been memorized by the taffy puller. I could watch that thing for hours. And that ice cream...yum!

Krizzle said...

glad you enjoyed alligator soul. Brian and I actually found a $20 bill on the street right outside the restaurant and just added it onto our tip because everything was so good!