Monday, March 8, 2010

shop in savannah

i love to shop just like any girl and it is such a treat to explore beautiful, unique stores in different cities. savannah has some fabulous shopping. my favorite store, which is unique to savannah is the paris market. so fantastic and beautiful, instantly transports you to paris as soon as you step through the gorgeous front doors.

there's also a little corner cafe inside for some sweet treats and coffee while you shop. j'adore!

for the honey lover we were intoxicated by the savannah bee company store. beautiful bottles line the walls, there's a bee hive tree house for the kids and a screening room with a documentary on bees. we picked up a beautiful bottle of tea honey. perfect spot for gifts and souvenirs!

i'm not a big fan of shopping/dining in places you can find back home, but savannah's urban is a feast for the eyes! three floors of beautiful organized apparel and home goods.

perfect for finding unique and beautiful art and gifts made by scad students. chock full of quirky finds, shop scad is a must.

one of 9 stores worldwide. marc by marc jacobs is a dream for the marc lover. men's and women's and everything from coffee table books to stinky rat polos.

speaking of marc jacobs...go win you some!

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Paula Kathlyn said...

I just visited there with my hubby. I absolutely LOVE the Paris market and SCAD was way cool :) Although my husband didn't "get" everything that was in the SCAD store. I tried to explain the whole abstract art creative thing but he still wasn't getting it :) He has a math brain-and I def. do not,haha. Great pics- glad you had fun!

blueeyedfreckle said...

i've never even heard of that paris market and I am dying over how cool it looks!!! i love the scad store though. so cool. looks like a fabulous trip!/ anniversary!

olivia rae said...

i'm obsessed with the paris shop... so beautiful! i also love shop scad - it's like a real life etsy! savanannah is too cute.

the southern hostess said...

What a fun trip! I just love Savannah Bee Company.

Down and Out Chic said...

it looks like a great time! happy anniversary to you and sam:)

jen said...

now i want to go to savannah!