Tuesday, March 23, 2010


with bad news rolling in on the daily. i wanted to share some things that make me extremely happy right now. if you have any good news...TELL ME. seriously. i'm in withdrawals...

1. kate and andy's puppy leon. seriously. the saddest part is that i have yet to play with him.

{andy lee}

2. hearing from a sweet former co-worker and seeing pictures of her gorgeous wedding.

{southern weddings}

3. this lovely lovely blog. hannah and her fantastic recipes and gorgeous photography are a delightful way to spend your morning.

{honey and jam}

4. this book. so wonderful.

5. my incredible, steadfast family and friends.

6. and of course all of you and your sweet comments.

if you have a moment, please pray for my sweet grammy who is having surgery today ♥

ps have you entered the c&g mane giveaway?

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Anonymous said...

sweet wishes all the way from lisbon, portugal.
everything will be alright.


Sally said...

Hooray for good news! This definitely is HAPPY!!

April Moore Skelton said...

Oh my gosh, your darling daughter is so cute. I have the sweetest photo of her from a shower for Kate and Andy--of course I think every photo of her is the sweetest. And Leon's so handsome.

Bridget said...

that puppy is sooo cute.

more good news? well, maybe you'll share in my excitement for jamie oliver's new food revolution show. bringing good AND healthy food to our country i think will eventually make everyone HAPPIER. good health sort of equals happiness, right?

you should watch. its hilarious too.

TheArtfulMom said...

I would say, your creativity has been blossoming over the last few months.. you are really coming into your own and doing what you love. That is a gift most people do not get- so hold on to that for dear life! Your family and friends of course.. and spring is finally here sort of (so now you can dig in the dirt)..
Two other things to leave you with, one of my favorite quotes I keep around for inspiration from Teddy Roosevelt- "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

Also, if you need some every day good news.. go to "goodnewsnetwork.org" it is filled with inspirational stories from around the world. Take care and my prayers are with your grandma..-B

christi said...

i'm new around here and am enjoying your blog. thought i'd say hello and thanks for posting the stunning wedding photos. such inspiration for flowers!

Anonymous said...

prayers for your grandma for sure!

love the things you shared. especially that puppy, adorable! the husband has been wanting one of those for ages.

my happy thoughts? baby girl #3 coming late this summer. a fun trip to the zoo this morning. beautiful and inspirational things everywhere.

wishful nals said...

i love your blog! it makes me happy :) your friend's wedding looks amazing. beautiful. thinking of you + your grandmother. xo!

Claire Kiefer said...

1. Leon's so cute I can't stand it.
2. I want to see more pics from that wedding--SO GORGEOUS. The bride looks exquisite, her dress is SO elegant and beautiful, and I couldn't love the deep, bright bridesmaids' colors more. More pics more pics.

love you. there's good news all around too.

Erin said...

Spring is here and Easter is just around the corner. Good news all round my sweet friend. I love you.

Jkrez said...
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McMel said...

my happy thoughts (bad news has been hanging around here too) i am coming home to atlanta in just over a week and i am bringing my sweet baby boy for the first time to meet my friends and most of my family. atlanta is my heart and my home, and every time i hear bad news, i just think that i'll be home in just over a week, even if it is for just a visit.

ps. you had so many good things in your blog today- it cheered ME up and i wasn't even sad!

XquisitebyLadyM said...

Oh, you most definitely have my prayers for her - and for you and the rest of your family, as well.

My good news to share is that I finally got over 100 hearts for my shop, my oldest son turns 24 today, and my youngest son is ready to start his internship for his EMT license. VERY good things!

I hope that makes you smile just a wee bit

Kate Kiefer Lee said...

loving your posts lately!
leon wants to meet you, he told me. (it sounded more like WOOEERRFF but i know what he meant.)

fattycakes said...

You know my good news! And you were a big part in building my confidence to do it. I love you and I can't wait to see you/talk with you soon! Let's have a lunch date asap!


the southern hostess said...

So much pretty! I love the shade of purple in that wedding.

hannah | honey & jam said...

aw, thank you so much for the mention.

That puppy is adorable. gosh, i want one.

Your grandmother is in my prayers! I hope everything went well.

SeekingMama said...

Wow! Those wedding photos are incredible! What an amazing photographer...Thank you for the lovely links...=) Blessings to you and yours..

Kyle T said...

Oh my goodness! You are just too much... thank you for posting my wedding. What a kind gesture! And you aren't the only one in a funk lately... something's in the air. (figuratively and literally... GA allergies are a comin') Your blog is so inspirational and reaches out to the masses in such a real and loving way. I'm sending up little prayers throughout this week! I hope you feel as blessed as I do for you having shared my wedding! (THANK YOU!)