Monday, March 22, 2010

this past weekend

saturday was so beautiful. matilda and i started the day at my favorite nursery.

we went to get some plants to refresh the front porch. geraniums are such easy plants to grow and provide a perfect pop of color. these are "hot coral."

i am really getting in to the cast-iron plant. such an elegant plant. i may or may not be sore from working on these planters. i had to use my entire body weight to get the vines out of the planters. woof.

we spent the whole day outside, mingled with neighbors and had dinner at taqueria. we were missing sam who was in mississippi with my daddy working on his parents home. it's so hard. we miss them so, so much.

sunday was spent indoors. we are having some crazy weather. sunny and 70 on saturday, thunderstorms on sunday, and snow this morning. i also had the pleasure of attending a perfectly quaint housewarming party for my dear friend brittany and her sweet husband jay. it was such a blessing to see so many of my favorite faces. their house is quite possibly the cutest ever. so charming, cozy, and full of love. feast your eyes.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe you are already planting flowers! We wait until mid/late May. Love the house photos!

Caroline said...

These pictures are lovely!!! I am loving your blog! xo

kristina dutton said...

omgsh! how did i miss out on this pow-wow?!

bonjouritsjinah said...

I was so so happy to see you this weekend, lady! I agree, Britt and Jay have really outdone themselves with their lovely home.

And omg Matilda's strawberry feet, I die of cuteness.

Anonymous said...

I love cast iron, too. it is EVERYWHERE down here in Mobile...I remember we planted it at Planters when I worked there, but it didn't thrive in the Atlanta area. So you should come visit :)
(sally g)

Anonymous said...

where is this nursery you go to?

homemade grits said...