Wednesday, March 31, 2010

tamar|seed factory

last friday and saturday were such a treat! seriously, i am just so smitten with tamar, she is just as enchanting as her beautiful creations and so warm and lovely.

this peacock is so over-the-top stunning. jen and i decided that it looked like a wedding dress, prompting a couple nearby to ask if a custom peacock cake topper could be created for them. WOW!

after the meet and greet, we headed to dinner and it was insanely delicious. i wasn't very adventurous, but the chopped steak and frites were divine!

i also really enjoyed meeting tamar's fancy rep/travel buddy, ellen. she was full of fantastic stories and has quite the resume!

the stitch workshop was such an inspirational time for the children. they loved tamar and wanted to be her! so adorable.

see more here.

ps sorry for all the debbie-downer posts. sheesh. and thank you very kindly for loving me anyway and for lifting me up out of my funk. this book lent to me by my incredible neighbor is also helping.

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handmadecharlotte said...

so cool....i am so happy izzy got to be apart....beth moore is amazing...

Erin said...

Even before I clicked on the link for the book, I knew it would be "Get Out of The Pit"! I just knew it! I adore that book and Beth Moore.



ps- And I adore you more : )

The Hasslers said...

I just finished that book. I really enjoyed it! I'm excited to read her new one, "So long insecurity." What woman doesn't need that message?!?

passport in my pocket said...

these are gorgeous! that peacock's tail is really amazing... what a talent. sounds like a fun tamar-filled weekend!

p.s. great catching up tonight xo

Caroline said...

Such a great post!! So glad I found your sweet blog!! XO

beki said...

It sounds like a wonderful time!
Thanks for mentioning that book, I think I need to check it out as I feel myself sliding down that slippery slope.

Christy said...

That peacock IS absolutely magnificent! Beautiful and SO inspiring.

Glad you're feeling better.

Love you.

bonjouritsjinah said...

Darn it, I had totally wanted to come to this to meet Tamar. It looks like it was very inspirational and fun though!