Thursday, March 18, 2010

this week.

i learned that i will constantly mess up. i'll never be perfect. that i can't make everyone happy.

that there will be times of rain.

but plenty of sun too.

i was inspired by a stranger during a lovely conversation. still a bit hush hush.

i made some more bloomers. i like them over leggings.

guinness turned four.

matilda turned 18 months. craaaazy.

i planted some seeds.

© copyright homemade grits


Letters From Okolona said...

You wrote a blog.
It had short sentences.
I like short sentences.

Caroline said...

What a very lovely post!! xo

Kate Kiefer said...

cute bloomers!

Anonymous said...

lovely bloomers!!

Anonymous said...

Wish I could still wear bloomers and leggings. . .

Sally said...

where to buy the bloomers?

homemade grits said...

the bloomers will be going up in the shop soon!

XquisitebyLadyM said...

I just loved the post! Very, very full of hope and sunshine. I'm glad I'm not the only one learning so much this week...and learning from others, too!

passport in my pocket said...

those bloomers are so adorable.

I mess up all the time.

nicole said...

hi, i just found you today via honey & jam...what a lovley little spot you have over here. 2 things...your dog looks similar to mine except my girl has 2 spots on her back and her name is lucy and the name of your daughter was the name chosen for our first born child...except he was a he and a jude instead. nice to meet you!