Friday, April 9, 2010

friday feature: farmer d organics

i want to start profiling people, small businesses, etc that i think are doing or creating something unique or interesting (hopefully both!).

to kick things off i'd like to introduce you to farmer d organics.

creator daron joffe (farmer d) and some new green thumbs

farmer d's philosophy: Going beyond organic to bring balance and healing to agriculture from large farms to backyard gardens. By applying biodynamic principles to agriculture and urban gardens, Farmer D Organics strives to empower people to grow healthy foods and sustainable communities.

{raised beds to go}

mama and i took til to farmer d's earlier this week to stock up on some organic herbs and vegetables. at 10 am the tiny store connected to an eco car wash was all a buzz. the phone was ringing off the hook. the staff took the time to answer everyone's questions and sent customers off in the right direction.

i would definitely suggest checking back often as the store gets new shipments regularly. egg laying chickens will be arriving soon!

biodynamic compost can be found at pike nursery and whole foods.

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have a question about organic gardening...ask farmer d!

read this lovely article in southern living to find out more!

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B said...

i love when you post local gems like this!

Stephanie said...

Love it!

Nishant said...

its great post
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katie b. said...

I have used Farmer D's compost in my garden before and it is shocking how much more healthy and vigorous it helps plants to grow! incredible!

He definitely runs a cool little business - I need to check out his shop sometime!

Dianne said...

check out Pajama Monsters. They are too adorable! DaiSy is my fav! I always love your posts!