Thursday, April 8, 2010

reasons to step out in to your garden every day

atleast as spring begins to unfold. you can't pay me to stand outside for long in the summer, but right now i'm poking around at every chance i get.

otherwise i might have missed these blooms:

my bleeding heart is blooming! i planted it the fall we moved in...three and a half years later, here it is in all its glory. lovely, no?

foam flower


creeping jenny, catsmint, and spotted dead nettle


heirloom tomatoes

speaking of what's growing this spring...

look at this little weed! can you believe it??? matilda is just blossoming before our eyes.

don't worry, i cut that corsage down to half its size. i'm experimenting and i had some creative help from this lovely lady!

we had the loveliest thunderstorm this afternoon and now it's GORGEOUS.

oh yea and that dress is part of the collection you'll see here. it's official we'll be there! we found out today we made the cut.

© copyright homemade grits


todayandeveryday said...

I love all the garden photos I am seeing on peoples blogs right now. Super duper greens!! I think we had the same thunder storms in Tennessee today.

Katie said...

Hey girl-
We missed you guys today:( I love how the bleeding heart picture turned out - incredible!

Caroline said...

These photos are wonderful!! XO

The Cottage Cheese said...

Congrats to you and Christina for being picked for the show!

Your garden pictures are gorgeous! I wish I had more shade in my garden to grow plants like bleeding heart. I've been taking lots of pics of my garden lately (will try to post them in the next few days). Some of my plants must have liked the cold, wet winter, because they are prettier than they've ever been. We had the same storms this morning in TN, and now everything looks so lush and green!

Nishant said...

its really fantastic
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