Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a lesson in deck staining

listen to me, all proud of myself. trust me when i say the universe is keeping me humble.

sam and i learned a really great lesson yesterday. you see, there are two types of deck stain: acrylic and oil. oil seeps in to the wood and highlights it. acrylic paints over it. you guessed it we used the latter. sam and i couldn't figure out what what bothering us about the color and it was that it looks like PAINT.

don't think it wasn't a beast (i'm going to be polite) to stain either. a whole day we certainly don't have down the drain, along with over $100 because we got way too much.

it doesn't seem to bother matilda and guinness.

here sam is using the proper stain. it's night and day. also, we're having our street worked on, thus we postponed the yard sale.

all deck gurus please come forward, or just make me laugh. has this happened to you?

© copyright homemade grits


MaryBeth Hughes said...

i think your deck looks great!

Sarah Esther said...

ditto to maryBeth! It looks awesome! Cute kid, too :)

bigBANG studio said...

GOOOOOD to know! I just hopped over here from the coffee cake post I was reading somewhere, and was tickled pink to see your deck travails (and happy to see it worked out so beautifully). My husband and I are working on a vintage Scamp trailer right now and want to install wood flooring, so we'll keep this in mind!

bonjouritsjinah said...

Am volunteering my services for manual labor in exchange for Lesles time and perhaps a cool beverage.

steph finds that the.. said...

yesss! I was a little let down too because my deck looked like it was painted! And my Dad refuses to fix it. I think he actually likes it. oh well.

Danica said...

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