Monday, May 10, 2010


my beautiful mama and my love child

what lucky children we are to have a mother like ours.

hope you all had a yummy mother's day. it was such a gorgeous day here in georgia. i woke up to the sound of the waffle maker and the smell of bacon. i had breakfast with my family and heaping cups of coffee with my daddy. i was gifted with the prettiest candy stripe azalea, craft books, a planter the perfect shade of gray, a gift card to my favorite nursery, truffles to die for, and the softest palette of vintage threads. all of that on top of a perfect meal at my grammy's. i am blessed beyond words.

i also mustered up some creativity after a week long hiatus (read:craft fair hangover).

copper garden tags made with vintage metal letter stamps

© copyright homemade grits


Bridget said...

how sweet is that! happy mother's day to you. i also love the color of your living room... i can say that too, yes?

kate kiefer lee said...

you're an amazing mama! glad you had a great mother's day!

Kelly and Kelly said...

so pretty.

happy mother's day!

DapperPaper said...

those garden tags are SO lovely!

happy mother's day!

homemade grits said...

thank you everyone for the mother's day wishes<3

bridget-you crack me up! of course! it's alexandria beige-benjamin moore.

Claire Kiefer said...

Man those tags are sweet. And I love seeing pics of your family, as always. Can't wait to give them (and you) big hugs in less than a month!!! :) Can me, you, Kate, and Rach pretty please plan a raucous girls night??