Thursday, October 21, 2010

love yous

over the past week or so matilda has started saying "love you mama" "love you daddy" "love you gu (guinness for all who don't know)" and these words are like honey to my ears. matilda also says "bless you," which is so darling i can barely stand it. i love this girl. here she is wearing her "new" vintage dress from my friend's sweet sister. isn't it awesome?

yesterday i got to see jason bateman in the flesh. he is filming a movie in atlanta right now and was shooting a scene at a restaurant by where i work. he's so handsome. i loved seeing all of the behind the scenes and the crew. it would be a dream to work on a movie set. the kraft table was sort of appalling. junk food city, the biggest bags of m&ms and rice krispie treats, etc. speaking of movies and food. we watching this incredible movie in my food class last night. i highly recommend that everyone see it. i want everyone in my life to feel as good as i do. eating whole foods has changed my life.

speaking of new life-i got me a hit of baby earlier this week. look at these sweet cheeks! this is my cousin's baby, tanner. isn't he a dream? just want to look at those tiny toes all day long...

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Claire Kiefer said...

That baby is so freakin' sweet . . . and I think that top pic of Matilda is my new favorite! That precious expression and her ponytail is AWESOME! Love that girl, and can't wait to see her at Christmas.

Kellee said...

The sound of your own baby's voice is the sweetest!!
And I SO love Matilda's cute little ponytail!!

passport in my pocket said...

aww, so sweet! I love her ponytail!!

so glad we were able to catch up FINALLY this week. love you and miss you so much.....

awesome you saw Jason b! he's so funny.

Lele said...

oh my! I love that dress! She looks so adorable in it!

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lindsey said...

i just showed parker these pictures of matilda and said who is this, and she said something crazy that sort of resembled matilda. so cute.

lindsey said...
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Colleen said...

Oh, I can not wait til my little girl can starting throwing out some "Love yous". So sweet.