Tuesday, October 5, 2010

whole living

i went here for the second time this year. shudder. however, their magazines and books are cheaper than elsewhere so i picked up a copy of whole living and this.

i really love the whole living magazine so much that i'm ordering a subscription. it's so beautifully done with wonderful articles. would you expect anything less? this issue talks about wabi sabi and i felt like it was calling me out to incorporate more of this beautiful japanese aesthetic in to my life.

here are some pictures of us getting the house ready for fall. i cut back all of my plants (finally!) and sam sowed some seeds, mostly greens, for the winter. i am so excited to get back in to the swing of things. i confess that i am a spring/fall gardener. the heat and cold tend to keep me inside.

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Kate Kiefer said...

i love matilda in jeans!

Anonymous said...

j'aime beaucoup les bottes de paille et les citrouilles et la voiture aussi !
très "country" !

Elizabeth said...

I found your blog through another one, and I just had to say, you have such a darling little family and home. Love the look of your neighborhood too.

olivia rae said...

I LOVE Whole Living. It's the only magazine I'm subscribed too. It just makes me feel good!